Jim Stanger

Hi! I'm Jim Stanger: technology professional, treehugger, coffee chugger. This is my little corner of the internet where I share thoughts, ideas and items I find personally interesting. In this space I represent no one but myself. Feel free to connect with me here or elsewhere on the interwebz:

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If I seem familiar you may have encountered me around town in one of these capacities:


My current employer since March 2016. I work with the Customer Succes team training tour and activity operators worldwide how to use the Rezdy booking platform and it's channel manager.

Own Your Tech

I also consult locally with small business owners and executives, training them how to use their mobile devices to do smarter better business. It's thrilling when the lights turn on and someone does something cool with their phone they never knew they could. And it's a real win when they can make their next sale or bring a new client onboard with that newfound experience.

Friends of Sloan Canyon

I'm the organization's current President. Friends of Sloan Canyon works with the Bureau of Land Management in conserving and protecting Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area.

Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce

Nevada's largest business organization, and until June 2015 my employer for nearly 10 years. Overseer of technology, operations, the big damn database and something called Other.