Coal Valley Overnighter

Posted by Jim on August 08, 2015

Some pics from an overnighter to Coal Valley in the new Basin and Range National Monument. Coal Valley is in Central Nevada, north of Alamo, between the Seaman and Golden Gate ranges. 

Basin and Range Map

Our goal for the day is this formation on the north side of the valley. Home to...

Trout Rock in Coal Valley

...this natural arch. The hole looks unnaturally round, don't you think?

Natural Arch in Coal Valley

At a higher elevation than Vegas and monsoon weather blowing up just to the south the evening sky was dramatic, the evening cool and breezy. Critters were heard all evening scrambling around our area, just out of lamplight range. A nice relaxing quick getaway. 

Coal Valley Campsite

If you want to learn more about this area Jim Boone has this area covered on his Bird and Hike website.