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The Opposite of Desert Life

Wooden Boat Festival

I'm visiting Washington's Olympic Peninsula for a week or so. With year-long snow-capped mountains, rain forests and a solid martime culture it's quite far away from life in the desert southwest. And as much as I enjoy desert life, each time I come up and visit this area it grows on me more and more. I don't believe I'd mind long stretches of cold cloud cover, tall trees and moss-covered...everything. This may just be because I don't live here, however. What I do know for certain is, I could totally live on that boat.

Preserving America's Favorite Places   

Japan Turning Abandoned Golf Courses Into Solar Power Generators   

More out-of-the-box thinking from Not the USA. If we're going to do utility-scale solar generation it should do it in places like this.

Cold Brewed Coffee in the House

Finally trying out the cold-brewed coffee thing. I added 1/2 cup course ground coffee to 3.5 cups water in a 1qt container and let it sit in the fridge for 20 hours. Ran it all through a few strain cycles using a single-serving paper filter in a funnel and good to go. Most folks cut it with water to taste as its concentrated. To me its tasty both ways. I now have a great supply for high-octane vietnamese iced coffee. Zoooom!

Here are a few quick guides from YouTube with more on how to make cold-brewed coffee if you're interested in trying it out.

Obama at the Clean Energy Summit

POTUS at the Clean Energy Summit

I had an opportunity to attend the 8th Clean Energy Summit here in Vegas. President Obama ended the day with a keynote address highlighting the administration's new Clean Power Plan. Lots of talk about solar, not enough about distributed solar. There was some finger-wagging with regards to the turmoil in Nevada surrounding net metering and new proposed energy fees. As clean as solar is, the evolution of the economics of energy delivery will definitely not be.